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Wilson Super X


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The Wilson Super X is a continuous flow instantaneous electric hot water heater. The Super X Electric Instantaneous Water Heater is energy efficient as it will only heat water as required and therefore suitable for areas that have space restraints. The heater has no storage and will continually heat as water passes over the heating elements. The Wilson Super X does not require a safetray or water saving devices.

The Super X can be installed virtually anywhere and is available in 18 amp 3 phase which will allow for a 40 C rise over the ambient water temperature at 4 litres per minute.

SKU : 1155
    Just the unit:
    • Fully installed straight swap
    • Includes plumber labour
    • Includes electrican labour
    • Includes P&T safety valve

      Pressure and Temperature Relief (P & T Relief) Valves are safety controls which ensure that the that the normal thermostatic controls fail.These valves may be used to guard against over temperature and over-pressure hazards wherever RMC P & T Relief Valves are available in 15 mm and 20 mm configurations. The valve installed: Is dezincification resistant.Meets the Australian standard for potable water. Is suitable for horizontal or vertical installation.Is individually tested and calibrated.

    • Includes old unit disposal
    • 0% Finance Available

      Pay half on the day, a $30 admin fee and 0% finance is yours.

    • Whats not included

      Quoted price covers a straight swap where the current unit is compliant with current legislation. Additional costs may apply where an installation needs to be brought up to legislative code.