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Thermogroup Thermorail 12Volt Ladder Range

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The advantage of Thermorail™

Thermorail™ enhances the bathroom experience by gently warming your towels to add that little bit extra comfort and warmth to your bathroom. Our heated towel rails are designed to run on the lowest wattage possible, without compromising comfort, and feature a voltage regulator to prevent overheating and maintain optimum running temperature. Browse the picture gallery to view the range or scroll down to see the list of available models and technical data.


  • Premium quality #304 Stainless Steel
  • Energy efficient – low wattage
  • Dry electric element
  • Concealed wiring only
  • Totally safe – all Thermorail™ models comply with safety standards


  • The perfect solution for your bathroom
  • A product that you can rely on
  • Low running costs
  • Provides rapid, responsive heat to comfortably warm your towels
  • Can fit seamlessly into your bathroom design
  • Peace of mind and extra comfort in your bathroom

Easy Installation

Thermorail™ is wired directly into your existing electrical circuit and can be fixed with concealed wiring to fit seamlessly into your project with no visible electrics. The floor to ceiling model is designed for ceiling heights between 2300 – 3000mm and can be cut to size on site. The Floor Standing models can simply be plugged into an electrical socket – no wiring required. All of our Thermorail models come with a schematic diagram showing electrical connections and fixing guides making installation as quick and hassle free as possible.


We recommend the use of our Thermodrill™ bits specifically developed for easy drilling through tiled walls without fracturing or chipping the surrounding tile.

Boost Switch

Thermorail™ Boost Switch allows you to boost the heat for 4 different periods of time without having to remember to switch off. Thermorail™ will revert back to off mode after the selected amount of time thus reducing energy consumption and running costs.

Dress Rings

These dress rings fit around the fixing legs to ensure a uniform finish at the wall. Hides any cracks or damage that may occur on tiles during installation and adds an extra level of finish to your project.

You may also need

  • Boost Switch
  • Thermodrill
  • Dress rings
  • 12V Transformer