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Thermogroup Ablaze Signature Range Tyler Series

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Ablaze Signature Range Mirrors are manufactured from Australian made glass and comply with Australian Standard AS2208. All mirrors have a vinyl back to prevent shattering and provide added protection. All models can be made in custom sizes to suit client’s needs. Mirrors are available with various fixing options such as screw-to-wall, batten fix (vertical or horizontal) or glue-to-wall. Standard fixing on all mirrors is glue-to-wall and mirrors are supplied as such unless otherwise specified.Unless otherwise specified when ordering, standard mounting as shown with each mirror will be supplied. The Clear Float and Digby mirrors are supplied with hangers to hang as per the width and heights shown unless otherwise specified when ordering. The chrome caps supplied with screw-to-wall mirrors can be replaced with gold or satin finish upon request. Most Ablaze Mirrors can be used with Thermomirror Mirror De-misters