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Stiebel DHE 27 AU (3-Phase)


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The DHE AU instant water heaters deliver hot water with precision. Comfort is the number one priority as the DHE AU 18 and DHE 27 AU deliver hot water exactly to the degree. Utilising 4i Technology, the intelligent fully-electronic water heater compensates for fluctuations in pressure and temperature, and using its series of sensors it precisely regulates the hot water output. This ensures that you get your requested hot water temperature to the degree. The fully-electronic design also saves up to 30% water and energy compared to older style hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heaters. The DHE AU water heaters have a multifunctional display so that efficiency is visible at all times. The display shows the temperature selection and flow rate and will automatically light up green when indicating the appliance is operating at a high level of efficiency. Perhaps best of all the DHE AU water heaters are compact in size and therefore ideal for installations where space is a premium.

Made in Germany

Precise hot water temperature up to 60°C with 4i Technology

Electronically controlled to accurately regulate the output water temperature, compensates for fluctuations in pressure and temperature changes

Can accept pre-heated water (up to 55°C), e.g. for reheating with a solar heating system

Compact space saving design for installation flexibility

No safe tray, flue or ventilation required

5 year full parts and labour domestic warranty*

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