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Bosch Optiflow 26 Lt/Min External w/Bluetooth, Electric Ignition


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Bosch has reinvented hot water again with the Bosch OptiFlow with Bluetooth, the first water heater with Bluetooth connectivity on the Australian market. The connectivity of this hot water system offers several benefits. A free app for users allows them to track usage statistics, as well as serving as an additional thermostat, while a free app for plumbers allows them to remotely adjust settings and run diagnostics, making installation more time- and cost-effective. In addition to its Bluetooth connectivity, the OptiFlow also utilises the patented Bosch OptiFlow algorithm, which continuously adapts the system's gas-air ratio throughout its lifetime, ensuring optimum performance and effectiveness. This water heater also utilises Bosch's patented “Easy Minimum” technology for maximum comfort, and its elegant design makes it a true architectural feature. The Bosch OptiFlow with Bluetooth is gas-powered, 6 star continuous flow hot water systems. Bosch is bringing hot water into the Internet of Things with the Bosch Optiflow with Bluetooth.

SKU : 2018
Energy Efficiency : 6
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